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THE VIBE DETECTIVE's aim is to introduce you to new music and promote new bands/artists/musicians.

'New' can mean a number of things - including unsigned or newly signed artists, musicians or bands, youtubers etc. It can also mean music by established artists that just sounds good, that you may not have previously heard, or music that has been around a while but still sounds fresh and innovative, or was perhaps overlooked in its time. It can also mean pop music that I think sounds better than some 'expert' critics might claim.

The Vibe Detective is not specific to any genre, it's more a reflection of my own eclectic personal tastes. If I like it - I will put it here; if I don't like it - I probably won't.

Listeners are encouraged to comment, make suggestions, make requests or suggest anything they consider worthy of my attention.

New bands/artist/musicians send me your music and it may well end up on here. Click the CONTACT link in the main menu above.

I hope you enjoy the music, Nick (The Vibe Detective).


"The Vibe Detective can adopt almost any disguise to locate the newest #IndieRock - His abilities border on the fantastic"


Factory Fast Records, New York City