Fire Breathing Space Dragons

FBSD (Fire Breathing Space Dragons) are something of an enigma, a postmodern Sonny and Cher, recording a string of esoteric songs and then vanishing like The Scarlet Pimpernel into obscurity. Information on them is scarce - the commentaries on their ten YouTube videos are the only clues I have to go on. It seems that FBSD are Lauren and Colin from (I think) Toronto. As I commented on their YouTube channel "I like many aspects of what you do, including 1) pleasantly melodic vocals 2) cool guitar arrangements 3) different and unusual song choices e.g. Pink Floyd's 'worst song'. 3) intriguing pre-song banter and 4) interesting and varied locations.


Stringing their videos together as a playlist has created something I consider a kind of mysteriously hip road movie reminiscent of the films of Jim Jarmusch.


There are not, as yet, too many comments on their uploads, so at present I appear to be their most devoted follower. They deserve a much wider audience.


It appears to be some time since FBSD's last recording was uploaded, so please visit their channel and demand more.



The YouTube Collection


Tropicalia - Beck

From the suburbs of the American Dream we travelled to the depths of the New Mexican desert where we witnessed none other than El Chupacabra.


Animal Tracks (Mountain Man)

Basking in the American wasteland.


Rebel Rebel (David Bowie)

We needed a little Bowie to make our chile rellenos just a little spicier. Muy caliente!


The Mystery Of Pelicans (Original)

How long do pelicans live? This is a question we always ponder amongst others such as how to survive a tsunami? Is Roland Emmerich a geological genius? What is the spiciest thing possible to eat?


Gila (Beach House)

Pulled off the road in bat country because we were flagged down by an apparition, one that resembled Gonzo or Jesus Christ himself.


San Tropez (Pink Floyd)

I've always wanted to go to San Tropez, haven't you? Who doesn't want to go to San Tropez? And for all the people who hate this song screw you because it's pretty good.


(New) Mexico (Cake)

Stranded and lonely, I had nothing to do but reminisce over the glory days and fall asleep to the sound of slide guitar.


Memory Boy (Deerhunter)

We've relapsed after months of silence. Coming to you from the chilly northern borders replete with the haunting halcyon tones of Deerhunter.


Orphans (Beck)

fire breathing space dragons cover beck orphans


Walk In The Park (Beach House)

In the gloomy depths of Toronto a glimpse of sun shines through the icy window panes and we can only think of the summer to come. It will be a summer of walks in the park and hopefully a beach house, a pizza, and a bottle of wine.

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