Deriving the name from the idea of “the music taking control” ortoPilot is the musical brain child of Manchester based, multi-instrumentalist Matt Hutchison. Taking much inspiration from his musical hero John Mayer, his spectacular musicianship takes the saturated singer/songwriter genre to a whole new level.


As well as penning his own songs, Matt also broadcasts weekly acoustic adaptations of chart hits to his 25,000+ youtube subscribers. Covering the likes of Muse, Lady Gaga, Mumford & Sons, Katy Perry, Kings of Leon and Paramore - just to name a few. This addictive pastime has earned him a very loyal international audience, to which he is currently playing and promoting his third original album ‘The Weatherman’.


Matt has evolved from doing charming bedroom recordings to creating professional audio/visual productions and as a result ortoPilot is one of the most subscribed to independent music artists on YouTube; an honest reflection of both his talent and adoration of music.




ortoPilot: Black Rain (original)


About this song, Matt said: "This is a tune I was working on but decided to take it off the album. Here's a pointless video. Enjoy!!" I say if this was left off the album because it's not up to scratch, then clearly this is a pretty good album.


ortoPilot: Stay One More Day (original)


Matt is in a soulful mood on this ballad. It's had around 23k hits on Youtube


ortoPilot ft. NSG: Jolly Good Fun (original)


It is impossible to dislike this track, which really lives up to it's title. ortoPilot produced the track, and had a hand in writing it. He wrote "We (NSG n me) wrote this song on a tuesday just after deciding to go to blackpool the next day. So wednesday came along and we went out for some jolly good fun and couldn't of asked for a better day. Here's some footage from our great day out." Using the stylophone is a touch of genius.


check out nsg:


ortoPilot ft. Kate McGill:

Sound Of The Underground (Girls Aloud)


An outstanding collaboration that show off Matt's brilliant music and video production skills.





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