Stewart Lee ft. nick pynn: the galway girl / russel brand's wedding

Stewart Lee has just completed a critically acclaimed stand-up comedy series for BBC2: "Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle". He has a long track record in comedy, including his time as half of the comedy duo Lee and Herring (with Richard Herring) and co-writing and directing the controversial stage show Jerry Springer - The Opera. As the videos (from his latest series) here show, he is also a writer and performer of some fine satirical songs.


In the first video his target is musicians who commit to worthy causes, particulary musicians that Lee himself respects (or has respected), who then 'sell out' by allowing their music and themselves to be used for advertising. In particular his target is Steve Earle, the left-wing American country singer whose song "The Galway Girl" was used to advertise Magners Pear Cider. John Lydon (Johnny Rotten), Iggy Pop and Bob Dylan also come under fire.


His second target is the vanity of celebrity culture as represented by the wedding of Russel Brand and Katy Perry.


Both songs hit their marks brilliantly and contain some killer lines, and are musically very listenable, partly because Lee is backed by the very talented Nick Pynn.


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