the one twos

The One-Two's are a five piece band from Kidderminster, who announce enthusiastically that 'The One-Two's have officially arrived and were here to fuck shit up'. Who can argue with such a compelling manifesto promise? Their line-up is:


Matt: Vocals

James: lead guitar + vocals

Ben: lead guitar

Dan: Bass

Charlie: Drums


There's more than a hint of The Arctic Monkeys about the One Twos, but a simple comparison would be unfair. Their tuneful and infectious songs feature some highly original and evocative lyrics; the 'upbeat pathos' is there, but they do it all their own way.


For more info. and gig details check their facebook page:

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Council Estate Romance


Introducing this rousing live performance The One Twos state: "Wednesday 31st August 2011 the boys nearly sold out the o2 Academy Birmingham.. not bad for a little five peice from kidderminster.. The boys are back headlineing the Academy in April of 2012 this time on a saturday, will it sell out? surely TheOneTwos boys can pull it off.. for ticket information add the boys on facebook to cotact them: "