timbuk 3: playlist

"Timbuk 3 was formed in 1986 by the husband and wife team of Pat MacDonald (acoustic, electric, bass and MIDI guitars, harmonica, vocals) and Barbara K. MacDonald (electric guitar, mandolin, violin, rhythm programming, vocals). Initially they performed live as a duo backed up by a large “ghettoblaster”.


"They were joined in 1991, by Wally Ingram and Courtney Audain. Timbuk 3 recorded several albums from 1986 to 1995; their first album, Greetings From Timbuk 3, generated their only chart hit song, “The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades”. The song was featured in the 1987 film, My Best Friend is a Vampire. "


So says their LastFM entry. They wrote many songs with a critical, political, anti-religious edge, such as "Life Is Hard":


"After he stiffed a waitress, and ran out on his tab

Big Mac had a heart attack in the back of a Yellow Cab

By the time the sound of the siren said the ambulance was coming

His heart had stopped beating, but the meter was still running".


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