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Warsaw - No Love Lost

Though one of the band's first songs and all the more rough and tentative for it, "No Love Lost" was one of the first hints that Joy Division would yet find a way to leave into the beyond. Less immediately punk/thrash than "Warsaw," it starts with Peter Hook's moody but wired bass line, the slow introduction of Stephen Morris's cymbals and drums calling to mind many later songs that the two would introduce and then clearly lead throughout. Bernard Sumner's guitar adds to the extended musical introduction, tighter riffing alternating with moodier shades while Morris keeps up the twists and turns with different drums and breakdowns around the central rhythm. Ian Curtis's appearance isn't until two minutes in after the band fully takes off, and if his hollowly recorded doesn't have the true power of his later years, it's still weirdly compelling. His prime moment is the spoken-word horrorshow halfway through - even if concluded by a quick drum solo, it's a hint into Curtis's obsessions with control and its loss, something ever more clear in later years.

Ned Raggett

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